Thursday, June 12, 2008

No Paws Left Behind

As a proud owner of a schnoodle (part poodle, part schnauzer) rescued from an illegal puppy mill, I was very happy when I read this article on about No Paws Left Behind. According to their web site, No Paws Left Behind "is a focus driven not for profit organization, designed to bring awareness to all communities the silent victims of foreclosure who have no voice or rights to implement change."

With the rise in foreclosures across the country and here in Cherokee and Cobb county, it is good to see people thinking about the impact that this can have on our pets. If you know of any animals that have been displaced by a recent foreclosure, please give me a call or visit the No Paws Left Behind web site for more information about how you can help.

Michael Bradford
Southern Prime Realty


Cheryl Lang said...

Thank you so much for the blog! We are such a new organization and really gaining momentum thanks to people like you who will take the time to spread the word. We have had several success stories lately that are posted on our website and we want everyone to check back often and read about the good things that are happening to abandoned pets. “Foreclosure pets” are a growing phenomenon in the US and will continue for at least 2 years. We all remember all the positive things that came out of the disaster of Hurricane Katrina; laws were changed to prohibit leaving your pets during a disaster, public service announcements educated the public on how to plan for a disaster that included taking care of pets and a real national awareness was brought to light. Hopefully, No Paws Left Behind will be forging the ground work to educate the public of how to plan for a financial disaster and how to prepare to care for your pets. We need to let our citizens know that in an emotional and confusing time in their lives, there are resources and people that want to help. Stay PawStrong.

Natal property said...

It is a great effort and i am agree with you it is designed to bring awareness to all communities who are involve in real estate business.