Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The end of DPA?

With all of the news surrounding the end of down payment assistance programs, there still is a way for someone who has good credit and income to get 100% financing. And isn't that really the key? We want people who can afford a home to get one. We should do all that we can to help those who have the means and the desire to purchase a home be able to do so. After all, home ownership reflects a long term commitment to a piece of land at a specific place. When we have people committed to maintaining and improving a piece of property, it is good for our communities.

If you have decent credit and good prospects for a stable income, then you can still buy a home with little cash up front. There are several programs available today that can help you realize your dream of home ownership. Call me today and let me show you what your options are. There are limits and requirements but anything worthwhile takes effort. Let's work together to fill empty homes with people who will take care of them and be an asset to our communities.

Michael Bradford
Associate Broker
Southern Prime Realty

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